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Welcome to the Conquest Homepage.

Last Updated: 12/28/2013

This page is dedicated to Conquest, a real-time, multi-player space warfare game. Both curses and OpenGL (version 8.1 or better) clients are provided. Since version 8.3, sound support is also provided in the OpenGL client using SDL and SDL_mixer.


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The Almighty Tallest Cataboligne has put up a Tutorial page for Conquest - It has pictures and everything! :) Check it out!

Version 8.5 is the current stable release.

Currently active servers

Conquest is a real-time, multi-player space warfare game that was originally written in RATFOR for the VAX/VMS platform by Jef Poskanzer and Craig Leres. It was the early predecessor to Netrek. This page concerns itself with the Unix/C rewrite I completed in 1997. With conquest version 8.1 or better, an OpenGL based client is provided as well, which looks a heck of alot better than the 20th Century curses interface it started with :).

Conquest runs on the following operating systems:

If you want to build the OpenGL client conquestgl, you must have working OpenGL 1.1 or better and GLUT libraries and headers present. To run conquestgl, your graphical environment must support OpenGL rendering (with an alpha buffer), with hardware acceleration.

If you want to build sound support (OpenGL client conquestgl only), you must have SDL and SDL_mixer libraries and headers installed. Your SDL must support OGG Vorbis format sound files.

Screen Shots

Here's a few screen shots from the GL client conquestgl.

Short Range View
Long Range View
[Conquest Screen Shot] [Conquest Screen Shot]

The Doomsday Machine
[Conquest Screen Shot] [Conquest Screen Shot]

The Negative Energy Barrier
The Dance Begins...
[Conquest Screen Shot] [Conquest Screen Shot]

Conquest News


The Conquest source repository on Sourceforge has been converted over to git. The existing hg repository will be removed in two weeks. See Downloads and Documentation for updated repository checkout instructions.


Due to prompting by a conquest user, there is now an IRC channel available on Freenode:

server chat.freenode.net

channel #conquest

Join us and the millions of other Conquest developers/users/players there :)


8.5 (stable) is now available. This version includes a variety of bug fixes and enhancments relative to the last stable (8.4.1) release of Conquest. New Orion ship textures, Windows XP/Windows 7 support via MinGW, and Mac OS X support.

A precompiled Windows conquestgl client binary .zip package is also now available on Sourceforge. See Downloads and Documentation for the link.

As usual, see the HISTORY file for more information.


8.4.1 (stable) is now available.

This version corrects some minor bugs - conquering users can leave their Last Words again, and some issues with ship-slot starvation were addressed, along with some more minor code cleaning.

See the HISTORY file for more information.

Conquest Mailing list, IRC

Conquest Requirements

Hopefully Conquest's requirements aren't too arduous.

At a minimum:

For building the OpenGL client 'conquestgl', you will need:

For sound support (OpenGL client only) you will need:

For TCP Wrappers support (conquestd and conqmetad) you will need:

Conquest Documentation and Downloads

Text Documentation.


Current Stable Release

Git Repository access

To clone the conquest repository into a directory named 'conquest', you would use a command like:

git clone git://git.code.sf.net/p/conq/conquest.git conquest

To switch to a specific version, say 8.5, you first clone the repository as described above, and then switch to the conquest-8.5 tag:

git checkout conquest-8.5

You can use the following command to list available tags in your checked out repository:

git tag

Some Conquest Recording (.cqr) files.

Use something like conquestgl -P demo.cqr to view these (8.0.1j+). If you create your own cqr files, and would like them listed here, feel free to send them to me.

NOTE, these are gzip compressed files, so your conquest must have been compiled with libz support in order to play them directly. If not, then uncompress them with gunzip first before trying to play them.

Here is an unkind analysis of John's play after one of our robo smashing events. He didn't have a good night at all. Unfortunately, only the curses replay client was available at the time.

Conquest Servers

This is where Conquest Servers can be found. If you are running a conquest server and you want others on the Internet to know about it, then simply follow the directions in the Conquest Daemon manpage to ensure your conquest server updates the metaserver.