The Network Audio System (NAS)

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Last Updated: 01/29/2022

Welcome to the NAS Homepage. The Network Audio System is a network transparent, client/server audio transport system. It can be described as the audio equivalent of an X server. Enjoy!

The current stable release version of NAS is now at 1.9.5

Much of the information on this page is out of date. See the SourceForge page.


NAS Overview

This page contains information for the Network Audio System (NAS), a network-transparent, client/server audio system originally developed at Network Computing Devices (NCD) by Jim Fulton, Greg Renda, and Dave Lemke that includes:

The client software can also be used with several models of NCD X terminals as well as NCD's PCXware (an X server for PCs running Microsoft Windows).

Key features of the Network Audio System include:

Please note that the Network Audio System has no relationship to the NetAudio products from Townshend Computer Tools.

Look at the file doc/ (Postscript) in the source distribution for a paper on the Network Audio System.

Latest News


NAS 1.9.5 (stable) is now available. This version includes some patches submitted over the last 9 years or so. See HISTORY for details.

Mailing List


The Release version is now 1.9.5 (1/29/2022).

Distribution information Current Stable Release GIT Source Code Repository access

To check out the latest version of the project into a subdirectory named 'nas', you would use a command like:

git clone git:// nas

Precompiled Binaries/Packages (most likely WAY out of date)