The Network Audio System (NAS)

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Last Updated: 10/07/2013

Welcome to the NAS Homepage. The Network Audio System is a network transparent, client/server audio transport system. It can be described as the audio equivalent of an X server. Enjoy!

The current stable release version of NAS is now at 1.9.4


NAS Overview

This page contains information for the Network Audio System (NAS), a network-transparent, client/server audio system originally developed at Network Computing Devices (NCD) by Jim Fulton, Greg Renda, and Dave Lemke that includes:

The client software can also be used with several models of NCD X terminals as well as NCD's PCXware (an X server for PCs running Microsoft Windows).

Key features of the Network Audio System include:

Please note that the Network Audio System has no relationship to the NetAudio products from Townshend Computer Tools.

Look at the file doc/ (Postscript) in the source distribution for a paper on the Network Audio System.

Latest News


NAS 1.9.4 (stable) is now available. This version fixes a few security issues in the server, and some minor fixes in other areas.

See HISTORY for details.

In addition, we are switching to GIT for managing the source repository from SVN. See Sourceforge for a list of possible clone URLS, or to browse the repository.


NAS 1.9.3 (stable) is now available. This version fixes a couple of minor build issues, and adds a Mac OS X build (clients only).

See HISTORY for details.


NAS 1.9.2 (stable) is now available. This version fixes a variety of minor bugs.

See HISTORY for details.


NAS 1.9.1 (stable) is now available. This version adds some enhancements to aupanel, and reworks signal handling in the voxware server to avoid races, hangs and other issues seen with linux 2.6.21+ kernels. Other changes relating to the default value of the 'MixerInit' option and the new location of the local unix socket on Linux systems were also made.

See HISTORY for details.


NAS now has an official project on Sourceforge. The Sourceforge NAS project page can be found at

The Subversion (SVN) repository has also been moved to the Sourceforge SVN server for NAS. The new svn URL for current development is I have disabled the NAS SVN repository at to avoid having to maintain/sync two repositories.

Per Řyvind Karlsen has setup a mediawiki page on Sourceforge as well. It can be accessed here. There isn't much there yet, but presumably stuff will be added as we go along. :)

NAS release 1.9 is also now available via NAS's Sourceforge download page at Any further public file releases (devel and stable) will be released via this mechanism. There is a big green button on the NAS Project page that will take you to the download page as well.

Current source packages that are available from the website will continue to be available for at least 6 months (probably longer). After that, you'll have to get them via Sourceforge.

In time, this website (or the NAS portion of it anyway) will be migrated to the project webspace on Sourceforge.

The nas mailing list will not be moved or changed in the forseeable future. The mailing list archives will also continue to be hosted here.


NAS 1.9 (stable) is now available. See HISTORY for details. In short: Fixes to several DOS attacks that could be carried out aginst a nasd server, ANSIfication of most of the server and client code, and significant rework of input and output mixer handling in the voxware (OSS) server.


NAS 1.8 (stable) is now available. See HISTORY for details. This includes several bugfixes, a new Mute button in aupanel, AMD64 fixes, and DragonFly support.

Mailing Lists


The Release version is now 1.9.4 (10/07/2013).

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To check out the latest version of the project into a subdirectory named 'nas', you would use a command like:

git clone git:// nas

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